certification Services

Al Wajeez is a member of the American Society of Translators and accredited and licensed to practice translation work accredited by the International Federation of Translators (FIT) through the accreditation of the Egyptian Association of Certified Translators (EGYTA) with accreditation number 30889 affiliated with UNESCO and licensed by the Ministry of Social Solidarity. This service covers all types of certified translation of certificates, documents, and documents. To be approved by justice offices, ministries, embassies, government offices and official bodies inside and outside Egypt.
Certification translation includes:

  • Declarations of experience certificates
  • Birth certificates, cards, identification
  • Title deeds and invoices.
  • Applications and letters of recommendation
  • Articles of incorporation, letters of intent/memorandums of understanding
  • Bank accounts, marriage contracts
  • Minutes of meetings of boards of directors, passports.
  • Assays invoices / clearances
  • Commercial contracts/agreements success data
  • Criminal records, grade data. Diplomas, visas, etc