Copy Edit Services

Copy editing has similarities with proofreading. Where proofreading emphasizes on perfection and consistency of spelling, punctuation and grammar, while copy editing involves improving a text to make it meaningful and readable. At Al Wajeez , we look beyond sentence arrangement and punctuation, pointing out inaccuracies and factual errors and suggesting areas to expand or eliminate. We ensure that your work is error free and ready to go live. Our group of professional copy editors can take existing content you provide and do your copy editing and proofreading efficiently. Not only do we perform copy editing, the content will be screened again by our review team. In essence, your project will go through our experts for two editorial reviews. Tackle all copy mistakes before they tackle you with Al Wajeez Copy Editing Service. Our experienced copy editors will offer you with an extra layer of competence and help you refine your text to a complete perfection.